Hello, my name is Athalia Sugiarto.

I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. I studied Information Technology and have worked in the Telecommunication Industry for over 10 years. Still, I’ve always been passionate about art, using it as my creative outlet.


It all started by helping my friends and family whenever they needed something designed like T-Shirts, banners, posters, labels, stickers, etc. Because I worked closely with the printing companies, I learned through experience what works and what doesn’t. After I quit my corporate job, I started my childhood passion again of creating art – seeking the possibilities of what I could do with art. Then I found out about illustration and surface pattern design and decided to pursue it.


Most of my artwork is inspired by nature; flowers, plants, animals, the landscape, the sky, and everything else I can see whenever I go.


When I’m not at my desk, I’m found in my little garden, practicing piano, baking in my kitchen, or spending quality time with my family.

athalia sugiarto for athaliadesings


April 2023 : Won the Special Prize from UTGP 2023.